Spiral communications offers expansive knowledge and experience in network administration. As a networking company Spiral’s team of engineers have vast experience in everything from managed network and IT services, to software and server support across a multitude of technologies and vendors.

$4.99/Month/Device $11.99/Month/Device
Ensure network connectivity to all covered devices x x
Connect devices to network (wired and wireless) x x
Ensure wireless security x x
Provide firewall / port-forward assistance x x
Ensure DNS and website resolvability x x
Discounted Onsite support x x
Unlimited Phone / Chat / E-mail support x x
Dedicated Support Number x x
Two Free Onsite Visits/Year x x
PC and Printer troubleshooting x
Network printer connection and driver support x
Software troubleshooting x
Computer hardware troubleshooting x
Provide hardware and systems consultation x
Initial and annual site visit for system maintenance x
Broker with software vendors x

Does Not Include: Cable runs, AP installation, Non-Spiral VoIP support,

Spiral network support requires remote support to customer router

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