Spiral Communications has launched a local TV streaming service. We are happy to help you transition from tradition TV to streaming. Below are frequently asked asked questions.

What is Skitter TV?

Skitter is a steaming service that allows you to watch local TV channels using a Roku streaming device. Stream local channels on the same device as Netflix, Hulu and Sling!

What is a Roku

The Roku is a set-top box that connects to your Internet connection and streams services such as Skitter TV, Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc. The Roku is require to view Skitter TV. You can learn more about the Roku and how it works here.

What is the channel line up?

Skitter offer all local channels. See the complete line up here.

Why don’t I just use an antenna?

  • Too far for antenna
  • Anntenna not allowed
  • Easy set up
  • One low monthly cost

Can we watch sports?

You can watch all sports that are aired on local channels. You could also puchase Sling TV for only $20/mo. This streaming service offers severval channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, Disney and more!

Can I record shows to watch later?

At this time, there is not an option to DVR shows. However, Hulu Plus offers many prime time shows the very next day!

Is there an installation charge for Skitter TV?

We provide you with the steps to install the Roku and setup your skitter app.

Can we have someone come and set it up for us?

Don’t want to mess with setup/installation? No worries, we will do the setup for you for a $50 one time charge.

How do I get the Skitter TV App on my Roku?

Go to https://www.skittertv.com/roku to learn how to install the Skitter TV App.